Hello, May & Photo a day

Hello May! Hopelijk is heel leuk maand. En misschien ga ik weer meedoen met photo challange. Hoewel heb ik soms geen idee of het ideeen komen laat. Toch probeer ik precies op die dag de challange op fotos te zetten. En het zou leuk zijn als meer pakketjes binnenstromen of iets leuk win 😉 Dreams!

Be nice maand!

Hello May

1. SOMETHING PURPLE: Find something purple in colour and photograph it.
2. IN MY HAND: Put something in your hand, or take a photo of something you carried.
3. SHAPES: Triangles, circles, squares, hexagons… find shapes!
4. GOOD TOGETHER: What goes good together? You and him? Peanut butter and toast? Show us!
5. NOT MINE: Take a photo of anything that isn’t yours {but perhaps you want it to be}.
6. A TASTE OF SPRING/AUTUMN Whatever the season where you are, share it in a photo.
7. WHERE I’D RATHER BE: Where do you wish you were? Back in bed? At home? On holiday? Get creative!
8. HOBBY: What’s your hobby?
9. DARK: It could dark in colour or dark in nature {spooky eh?}.
10. MY FAVE PART OF THE DAY: What’s your favourite part of the day? Share it.
11. 3 OF A KIND: Can you find 3 things that match, belong together or have something in common?
12. ON MY LEFT: Look to your left, what’s there? Take a photo.
13. MORE PLEASE!: What do you want more of in life? Chocolate? Sunshine? Coffee? Love?
14. DIRTY: Take a photo of something dirty.
15. I’M READING THIS: What are you reading right now?
16. MY VICE: What are you addicted to or just don’t want to give up?
17. SOMETHING I LEARNED: What’s something you’ve learned in life?
18. GOOD: It’s Good Friday, show me something good.
19. MONEY: Money. It is what it is. Share it {I mean a photo of it, not actually your money}.
20. EGG: Happy Easter. Share a photo if an egg, If it’s not your religion, any egg will do.
21. CLOSE: It could be close {as in near} or close {as in shut}.
22. FOUR THINGS: Pick four things, any four, and take a photo.
23. ENTRANCE: A door, a gate, a walkway… share a photo of an entrance.
24. A POP OF COLOUR: Find a pop of colour as you go about your day; a flower, a sign, a toy… anything.
25. REMEMBER: In Australia it’s ANZAC Day, a time to remember. Australian or not, share a photo of a memory or how you reflect.
26. ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS: It’s about the little things. Share a photo of something small that makes you joyful.
27: UNDER MY FEET: Where did you go today? What did you stand on?
28. CHAOTIC: Show me chaotic {busy/hectic/disorganised}.
29. CONTRAST: This is our photography prompt for the month, I’ll write a post on it soon.
30. SOMETHING SILLY: Show us something silly.
Have a darn awesome month. Please.

1. INK ~ stamp crafts, drawings, writing, tattoos, old feather pens with dipped ink

2. FRIDGE ~ show us your fridge, either inside or out

3. SUNSHINE ~ April is full of showers but also some beautiful sunshine, capture its sunny beauty

4. VINTAGE ~ as related to clothing, accessories, wine, and design

5. TEA ~ tea time is one of my favorites, share your tea with us today

6. WALL ART ~ so many interesting things on walls, capture what catches your eye

7. HEALTHY ~ as in food, fitness, skin, hair, smoothies, etc…

8. OUTFIT ~ your outfit, someone else’s, or maybe a favorite that’s been in the closet for a while

9. TRANSPORT ~ how do you get around? Auto, train, boat, planes

10. COLORFUL ~ capture the colors in your day today

11. PRECIOUS ~ babies, heirlooms, lockets, love, ceramics

12. MINIMAL ~ let’s see your minimalist photography style. Use a minimum amount of components (i.e. shape, color, lines, texture) in your capture. Today is all about freedom of interpretation.

13. STOP ~ stop signs, hands, walls

14. SPRING ~ trees in bloom, flowers, bunnies, everything happy and sunny

15. NUMBERS ~ there are numbers absolutely everywhere in our lives, capture some of the ones in your day

16. WISH ~ fingers crossed, make a wish! Have you had a wish come true? What do you wish for?

17. RAIN ~ such awesome opportunities for beautiful photos here, puddles, raindrops, umbrellas, wet hair

18. GOOD ~ what makes you think, “ooooh this is good!” smiles, yummy desserts, a good day, etc…

19. PASTEL ~ blues, greens, pinks, yellows, purples

20. FAMILY ~ the families we have, and the families we choose. Family is amazing is so many ways

21. TRADITION ~ what are your traditions? Dishes, games, movies, etc…

22. EARTH ~ It’s Earth Day, show your support. Recycle, reuse ~ crafts & gifts. Plants, trees, greenery

23. “D” IS FOR… ~ get creative, show us anything beginning with the letter “D”

24. MUSIC ~ instruments, playlists, iPods, sheet music, stands, orchestras/bands

25. CHOCOLATE ~ mmmmm… anything chocolate

26. MOOD ~ what’s your mood today, or what has influenced your mood?

27. REMEMBER ~ remember when…? Or, to do lists, reminders, things to remember

28. BLUE ~ anything in the color blue

29. NO FILTER ~ post a photo of your choice using no filter

30. PET PEEVE ~ what’s your pet peeve? For me, it’s toothpaste in the sink, talking loudly on a cell phone in a public place, and trash overflowing.
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